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Cami's Reverie [entries|friends|calendar]
(=^エ^=) ~Cami~ (=^エ^=)

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New Journal [June 25, 2008 @ 11:05am]
Alrighty guys and gals. It is absolutely official!!! This girl is off to Japan on July 26. Moving for at least a year!!!

And to keep some normalcy around... I've created a new LiveJournal Account. That account will be mostly real life stuff, JET stuff (if anyone's interested in applying, or just curious, etc), Japan stuff... just more of my thoughts. I'm keeping this journal open though because I have a lot of memories from this and will still use this as my main fangirling journal. Basically so the rest of the world won't know I'm as insane as I really am. Hahaha.

Anyway... feel free to add my new journal if you're interested. ^^
Hehe. Didn't want to stray too far from my original username. ^^

Hope everything's going well with everyone and OMG yes I'm trying to be more organized from now on. Must do since I've officially got a job and am in charge of actually passing on knowledge to children. Here goes nothing. Haha.

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Been awhile... [April 22, 2008 @ 4:46pm]
Hey everyone,
It's been awhile....
I know, zomg AN ENTRY!

Just a quick one to say that my uni years are soon over! At the end of May it'll be the end of it all! *happy*
And after that, I'm tempted to start a new blog as a start to my new life... In Japan.
Yes ladies and gents, provided that I manage to graduate this year, this August I shall be in Japaaaaaaaaan! For at least a year! I managed to get into JET! *happy*
I can finally help out with all my awesome friends and their stuff and finally give better pressies. XDDDDD
Until then, this journal will remain on hiatus. A lot's been going on in my life and a lot more still continuing. I'll figure out the fate of this journal once I grad and finally have the free time I've been wishing for. But I'm still coming back to LJ in one way or another because Imma be blogging about Japan for sure! XD

Anyway, miss you guys lots. Especially those that I spoke to loads and loads. And to those extra special people, look forward to stuff I'll finally be able to send you from Japan. XDDDDD

All the best...
x Cami x
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QUICK ENTRYYYYYY [September 15, 2007 @ 6:19am]
ROAR I am a walking zombie. (¬_¬) My eyes are twitchy and red and my body's really tiiiiired and draggy. I can't wait to settle into my flat and take a NAAAAAP *FLAIL* No time for make uppppppp m(__)m

I didn't get to make it on yesterday TT^TT things took longer than I thought. I ended up flailing around the house panicking until midnight (no matter how prepared I try to be I always seem to flail around at the end. urk.) and got a few hours sleep. I got up at 5 and I'm STILL flailing around the house.

Wonder what time I'm leaving. Lol.
ANYWAY!!! For sure, I promise, promise promise, I'll see you all on Sunday at one point. Right now, I get the chance to sneak online because I'm transferring SC, HanaKimi, Yamada Taro and HanaMusu to my HD. BWAHAHAHA. =X

Okay! I'm off!
Lots a love to you guys!!!

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Back to Uni~~~ [September 14, 2007 @ 8:02am]
Wow. 8.02am and things are still happy in my life. XD Score! XD

My own little entry...
I'm busy packing/hoarding for my move to Uni for my OMG FINAL YEAR. *flailschokesdies* What's this? One more year then FREEDOM? EGADS! Then I get to be a packhorse and slave away for the rest of my life working. ... *fingers crossed about JET*

I'll be pretty busy today so I won't be on in the morning, plus WHEE~~~ I'm getting a haircut later on. ...a Johnny's haircut maybe? XDDDDDDD
... wait I lost track. I was trying to say I probably won't be on until the evening unless I go insane and get really really desperate so I'll spam those people on MSN then. Also I probably won't be on on Saturday because that's when I move back to uni, so when I get there, I'll have to *GASP* socialize with my friends! OHNOES. But I'll bother you all on Sunday again. So I don't classify this as a hiatus or anything (unless there's a one day hiatus? Can we just call it a day off?)

Thanks to omg, so many people, for offering their help with jfansubs. I've already bothered, pestered, and even flipped coins (it was one of Ro's special pennies) and the outcome was tinyangl and nitross for co-mods. But if I need anyone else in the future, I'll definitely bother everyone else who offered. XDDD

I'm still pretty busy, and I think I'll continue to be until Sunday, because once I've settled in, that's basically it. I've got more free time at Uni then I do at home. :P

So that's my random update. Everything's good now, and how can I not be with amazing friends like you?
Anyway, thanks so much. *lots of hugs*

x Cami

Sorry Ro, but I think your bid for Pi's sexy boobs is falling, fast. XD
... on another note... still on manboobs...
... in HanaKimi, is it just me or when Oguri Shun took his shirt off, his right manboob was normal but the other was either REALLY flat or curved in? XDDDD
... oh and since I've never mentioned it before...
Nanba-senpai looks good in a bra.

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Can I just say... [September 12, 2007 @ 9:28pm]
I was so shocked and frustrated when I heard about it. But after I read it... well... I am genuinely, genuinely hurt by all the drama. Thanks to a certain someone who texted me about it. I didn't even know it was spammed on like a gazillion comms.

Maybe a hiatus would be a good idea right now. I'm sorry I have to make so many people wait. I really am. I didn't mean to be so unreliable. I'm so sorry.

I guess I do need a mod for the comm. Anyone want to help? ... does it matter if they're in the same groups I'm in?
I'm so confused now.

Help, someone?
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